Live Screen Monitoring

Live Screen Monitoring With AddSpy Android Monitoring Application

After you put AddSpy cell phone monitoring app on the user’s Android device, you can see videos of everything they do. Now you can watch what they do in real-time as it happens. Let’s say your spouse is in the living room texting “someone” on their Android phone. You already have AddSpy on their phone and they have no idea the app is running. You open up AddSpy and hit the live screen button (and you see who they are texting). You will watch them type out the messages and read them.

What you need to know about Android is the new Live monitoring will not work properly if they are off a Wi-Fi signal and using their cell phone data plan. You can easily get around this by clicking the cell phone signal icon next to their device name in the AddSpy dashboard.

Once you do this the next time they open their phone, AddSpy live screen tracking app will be able to work in Live mode. Just know that AddSpy is now using their cell phone data plan. If they have an unlimited data plan you have nothing to worry about. If their plan is limited you might want to use this feature sparingly. AddSpy phone tracking app can chew through a lot of cell phone data if they are a heavy cell phone user.

How Live Realtime Spying Works?

What you need to know is AddSpy is not really making a live video. Instead it is stitching together screen shots of their every click. If we made it a true video stream the person you are watching would notice strange things. Maybe their Android device would burn through the battery in a few hours. None of this is good.

Instead AddSpy mobile spy looks at the very same screen shots it uses to make the movies. We can get those screen shots fast. Usually within a few seconds. We stack them up and work them into the movie. You need to know this because the live “movie” may seem choppy and this is why.

The screen shot above shows you the new Live Monitoring button. Just click it and you will get a “connecting” message. AddSpy phone spy app is very good at detecting recent activity. If they have not been active within the last 2 minutes AddSpy assumes they are not live. You will get a message they are not live and to try again:

No worries. When this happens just try it again in a few minutes. Sometimes you will see a short delay of 15-30 seconds while AddSpy pulls down the latest screen shots. This is normal because it take a little while for these recordings to leave their phone and go up the AddSpy mothership.


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.