Facebook Messenger Monitoring

Nowadays, social networks have grown into a major platform for online communication. If you want to be informed about conversations that take place on Facebook, then AddSpy phone monitoring app is your solution.

With this feature you will be able to:

• Read all target user’s text messages, both sent and received;
• Track all communication data from your User Dashboard.

Why Is This Feature Useful?

Our Facebook messenger tracking app is a must for every parent who wants to take care of his or her kids. The global web has already turned into a huge marketplace featuring billions of users from across the globe.

Although they include people from different continents, countries and cities, we steel have a chance to create online communities and keep in touch with its members in spite of their location. Social networks have broken the boundaries. They come as an efficient communication tool without any limits. We have some great examples of award-winning social platforms such as Facebook.

Millions of users opt for the service in order to keep in touch with some latest news related to their hobbies and interests, share content, view photos and communicate with each other. The content can be absolutely harmless as well as contain a huge threat. For this reason, you need an application tool to spy on Facebook messages with ease. You may find your kids, employees or husband among millions of Facebook users. If you are interested in whom they are talking to online and how they act, you can easily spy on Facebook messenger using our application.

Facebook monitoring for Different Needs

We introduce a versatile Facebook spy for different needs. Whether you download our Facebook spy app for business needs to enable a high level of productivity or simply want to keep your children away from dangerous and harmful content, AddSpy is the best bet to choose.

Facebook Moonitoring

Facebook monitoring chat messenger will deliver all information on every message sent and received. You will be able to monitor every discussion as well as content shared within the messenger. Our Facebook spy application is a better alternative to other products available on the market. In a world that has gone mobile, you will need a reliable helper. Both kids and adults now have a full access to tons of information online. You can now track their online activities and filter content they shre or discuss.

What can you do with the help of Facebook Monitoring tool?

Our service comes up with a list of features that include:

1. Monitor all Facebook messages, both incoming and outgoing.

2. Find out the names of the people with whom they were chatting.

3. See the exact date and time of each Facebook message.

4. You can access all Facebook chat messages in your Private Area anytime.


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.