Whatsapp Tracking : How To Track Whatsapp Chats

Whatsapp is a social networking application which has millions of active users and provides free services to the whatsapp users. The instant messenger is freeware, the end to the end encrypted and cross platforming messaging and voice over service which are owned by the mighty facebook. It empowers users to use the platform to share media such as text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations as well as photos and videos and user location.

The service requires a standard cellular cell phone number no matter if a user is using it on android, IOS and on another operating system.A user can use the service individually for communication and even in groups. Since last year, the social media app has announced a business platform that enables companies to provide customer service to use at scale.

Whatsapp Tracking

Why Need To Track WhatsApp Messenger?

Well! The popularity of the social messaging app has been penetrated among the masses but over the years the social networking app puts young children into real danger and even the employers who have allowed using it on company’s owned devices such as cell phones, gadgets, and PCs such as windows and MAC. Therefore, young kids and teens having their cell phones use it all day long and often stalked and bullied online by cyber bullies. So, parents are very insecure about the protection of kids and teens and they want to know to whom kids and teens are talking on the android devices using installed WhatsApp.

However, employers also want to make a check on the employee’s activities on the Whatsapp instant messenger using the company’s owned devices to avoid any adventure from the employees or get involved in something fishy.

How To Monitor WhatsApp Messenger?

All you need to do is to have a WhatsApp tracking app and you have to have a Addspy mobile monitoring app that enables you to monitor target cell phone device and installed WhatsApp messenger. So, you have to subscribe for the Addspy mobile app having the knowledge of target device OS such as Android. If the user has compatibility of the android monitoring app then get a subscription and you will receive an email that will contain credentials such as passcode and ID.

Furthermore, install the cell phone spy app on the target cell phone having access to it and once a user has installed it successfully then activate it on the phone. Moreover, users have to choose the option before the activation. Either they want to spy on WhatsApp messenger secretly or not. Choose the best option and activate it on the target mobile phone. Now use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel of the Addspy mobile monitoring app for cell phones.

AddSpy WhatsApp Tracking Features

The AddSpy app is packed with features that you will surely enjoy.


When your kids are online in your WhatsApp Messenger then receive a notification. And he did not respond to your messages? Did your kids check WhatsApp messenger at 3 o'clock? Have they woken up yet? Receive a notification and stay aware.

Check Your WhatsApp Tracking Online History

How much time do kids waste on WhatsApp messenger? Scroll through a complete timeline to monitor last seen on Whatsapp messenger, and see correctly when your kids were online.

Chat Possibility

To view the possibility that your two contacts will chat with each other. Simply select two numbers from your contact list. AddSpy will compare them to let you know how your chat activity compares if they are online at the same time, etc.


Do you want to know what time your kids went to bed last night? And when did kids wake up the next morning? How much time a day do you waste WhatsApp chatting, and how many times a day do you come online? And our AddSpy tracker can do everything for WhatsApp tracking.

When Can WhatsApp Tracking App Be Useful?

Whether you're worried about a family member or suspect that your employee is hurting your income, the WhatsApp Tracking app can help you uncover the truth. In fact, many people who want to know how to track WhatsApp messages for their children's conversations often find that it serves multiple purposes.

What Are Your Kids Doing On WhatsApp?

Wondering what your kids are doing on WhatsApp? To find out, just track WhatsApp messages. You will be surprised at what you have. Parents who use AddSpy for WhatsApp tracking have discovered all kinds of information and gained important insights that have helped make their children's lives safer.

We are talking about revealing messages that indicate a case of cyberbullying. And we are talking about explicit chats that reveal inappropriate chats with a potential stalker. If you hesitate even an ounce, it's time to install WhatsApp Tracking and find out.

Find Out About Inappropriate Conversations

Do you think they are hiding an inappropriate relationship from you? One of the first places you can go to gather evidence is your text chat. And while this is always a good place to start, if they know that what they are doing is wrong, they will do everything in their power to hide it, such as using other chat channels. And that is why your monitoring solution should include a WhatsApp Tracking app. This allows you to see who they are chatting with on WhatsApp. Once you have installed WhatsApp Online Tracking, you can scroll through your messages and find out the truth.

What Can Your Employees Do On WhatsApp?

Are they sharing trade secrets with the competition? Are they working for other clients during business hours when you pay them to work for you? With WhatsApp tracking, you will know. From your Dashboard, you can see who they are talking to and what they are saying on your work phone.

What AddSpy Can Help You With

Our AddSpy Whatsapp tracking app has plenty of potential uses. Imagine tracking kids who are staying up all night to chat before a big test, coworkers who are wasting extra time on Whatsapp than they should, or even family members and friends who are up to something different. If you seriously need to know, then we are here to help.

Get Peace Of Mind

If you don't know about someone's chatting habits, then tracking their last seen on WhatsApp. If you think your kids are cheating on you, for example, there is nothing worse than living in doubt and panicking all the time when you see them pull out their phones. So the AddSpy WhatsApp tracking app can help you to confirm whether or not your doubts are really true.

Accurate Result

By delivering the incredible power of AI, we have invented a system that can tell you everything when a person goes to bed and wakes up in the morning and how their chat patterns compare to others, a certain person. Possibility of talking to the person during the day. Our last seen online WhatsApp tracking collects this information and then builds an advanced algorithm to predict everything you need to know about what will happen next in your WhatsApp feed.

Powerful Functionality

1. Track online history:- Find out accurately how much time kids waste chatting on WhatsApp.

2. Predict chat possibility:- Predict the possibility of two of your contacts talking to each other.

3. See usage habits:- Our WhatsApp tracking app can tell you everything about someone’s smartphone usage and sleep habits with accuracy.

4. Receive Online Notifications:- Track when someone joins on WhatsApp and be notified in real-time about this.


AddSpy is an Android monitoring application that is specially designed for parents and employers. AddSpy helps them to track the activities of their employees or children in real-time. With the AddSpy app, you can monitor many features like completely hidden.

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Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.