Browsing History

The internet is a vast world many people explore, whether to do online shopping or to connect with friends. However, not all sites on the internet are safe, in fact, many are dangerous. Many users don’t know any better and visit mobile sites that look interesting, even if it could put them at risk. As a result, their device could get hacked, their information could be stolen, or they could be robbed of their finances. Our AddSpy web browsing history tracker is the best option to prevent yourself or a loved one from suffering this fate. Below, we discuss the main reasons it’s necessary to monitor one’s web history.

Reasons To Use AddSpy Web Browsing History Tracker

Protection Against Online Criminals

The number of threats on the internet seems endless! There’s hackers, viruses, malware, trojans, identity thieves, and more. Likely, you don’t want yourself or a loved one to fall victim to these criminals. Being aware of your loved ones web history will enable you to protect them from dangerous sites.

Know What Your Child Is Doing Online

Besides online criminals, the web poses many risks towards children. This includes explicit sites, inappropriate YouTube videos, cat-fishers, and cyberbullies. Since children, especially teens, want their privacy, The AddSpy Mobile history tracker is the only way to keep an eye on the sites they visit without being invasive.


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