Browsing History

The AddSpy monitor app gives you the facility to monitor your target phone's web browser activity. You can quickly track their activity in Chrome, Explorer, Fox, Opera Mini, or Safari browsers. The internet is a vast world many people explore, whether to do online shopping or to connect with friends. However, not all sites on the internet are safe, in fact, many are dangerous. Many users don’t know any better and visit mobile sites that look interesting, even if it could put them at risk. As a result, their device could get hacked, their information could be stolen, or they could be robbed of their finances. Our AddSpy web browsing history tracker is the best option to prevent yourself or a loved one from suffering this fate. Below, we discuss the main reasons it’s necessary to monitor one’s web history.

How AddSpy Browsing History Monitoring App Works?

1. You can check all the different sites being visited

2. Take a look at every URL that opens on the target phone

3. See how often the site is opened by the target user

4. Know the correct time and date of every URL visit

5. All this data is conveniently stored on your online dashboard. All you have to do is log in to find out what's going on in your target user's browser.

How AddSpy Browser Spy App is Useful for You

This is no secret that the browser is full of websites that are not suitable for children and teenagers. Age restrictions are often overlooked on these websites. If you want to make sure that your kids are safe, then this browsing history feature is perfect for you. Using this browser history monitor you will get the address of every website your kids have visited as well as the right time of their visit. Employees can be misled or watch NSFW content at work when you're not looking, so having this app is the requirement of our time.

Benefits For Parents

Parents can easily know what their kids and teens are doing on the browser of their Android mobile phones. They can remotely know the types of websites they have visited, along with a complete timestamp. In addition, parents can view bookmarked websites on the mobile phone's web browser. AddSpy Cell Phone Spy App empowers parents to view children's browsing activities to know whether they are visiting suitable or inappropriate websites on their cell phone browser.

Benefits For Employers

Employers these days equip their employees with company-owned tools for better communication and productivity. However, employees using company-owned devices to visit recreational websites, social media websites and many others prefer to waste time and have fun within working hours. In addition, employers can remotely know what employees are doing on the web browser of the company's devices. This means they can hold their employees accountable if they are wasting time within working hours by using a device web browser. AddSpy cell phone monitoring software remotely informs you about the browsing activities of employees with a complete time stamp.

Reasons To Use AddSpy Web Browsing History Tracker

Protection Against Online Criminals

The number of threats on the internet seems endless! There’s hackers, viruses, malware, trojans, identity thieves, and more. Likely, you don’t want yourself or a loved one to fall victim to these criminals. Being aware of your loved ones web history will enable you to protect them from dangerous sites.

Know What Your Child Is Doing Online

Besides online criminals, the web poses many risks towards children. This includes explicit sites, inappropriate YouTube videos, cat-fishers, and cyberbullies. Since children, especially teens, want their privacy, The AddSpy Mobile history tracker is the only way to keep an eye on the sites they visit without being invasive.


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.