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The World's Best Android App Blocker | Blocking unwanted apps Require a magic wand to get your kids to sleep at night and study hard during the day? AddSpy is a state-of-the-art solution that is nothing short of magic when it comes to mobile phone intermediation. With AddSpy, you can temporarily block apps on your kids' Android devices until they have completed their homework and other important tasks.

With Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows Store, there are around 5 million apps on the internet that your child can download and use however they want. These apps are not limited to social media apps, some of which can certainly be the very means by which they can bully their peers or find themselves bullied by peers, spread teen hate, and other things. Which may be serious. About their lives and their future, but this also includes apps that have free adult content, as well as dating apps and apps that allow your child to completely hide the apps they use. That's not what a willing parent would want their child to do, is it?

AddSpy application blocker gives you the authority to block any application installed on the target phone or tablet. With AddSpy you can:

1. Instantly block the user from accessing any application installed on the device

2. Manage all blocked applications (you can block any number of applications on the device

What Is An AddSpy App Blocker?

AddSpy offers a Remote App Lock feature that can remotely block your kids' access to their devices. Block all or individual apps and unblock them whenever you want that's the power of AddSpy Android App Blocker. Distantly block unwanted applications including instant messaging programs, games, and even internet browsers. Unblock apps distantly when required. As soon as you get up, Then first, you check your mobile phone for notifications from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps.

This distraction is not only a waste of time, but it also locks you out of the real world. However, if you are like a lot of people, you might be concerned about the amount of time you spend with your phone. Fortunately, there are some excellent apps that can help you strike a little balance.

Too Many Apps To Play With: Make the List Short!

When we live in a time when the divorce rate is much higher than the percentage of people getting married every day, we must be aware of the fact that the internet and the mobile apps that surround it are quite capable of giving someone a chance. Cheat on your spouse or the person they are in a relationship with without even knowing what is going on. Something like this will never be good for you and your relationship, will it?

1. List of applications installed on the target device.

2. Ability to view in the application

3. Ability to lock the app and then unblock it if desired.

4. You can also uninstall the app if you want.

Why Do You Need The AddSpy App Blocker?

1. On average, nine to twelve-year-olds spend about six hours with their mobile phones. For teenagers, this figure reaches nine hours a day.

2. 50 percent of children think they are addicted to their cell phones.

3. According to a survey by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 75 percent of 4-year-olds in the United States own a smartphone.

4. If your teen or teen uses their mobile phone or tablet without parental supervision, you may be exposing them to a variety of online risks, such as cyberbullying and online harassment.

5. Children who use mobile phones before bedtime have difficulty falling asleep because the glare from the screens of these mobile devices interferes with the production of melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep.

6. Poor sleep, coupled with hours of use of mobile devices, inevitably leads to poor health and poor academic performance.

7. AddSpy App Blocker is the perfect solution to limiting screen time on your kids' personal devices. Parents can remotely block certain apps or even entire phones, encouraging kids to sleep or read.

8. AddSpy is not only an app blocker, parents can also use this app to monitor their kids' social media, email, contacts, and media.

Why This Feature is Useful?

Block any application that seems harmful or inappropriate for your child or an employee. Prevent unauthorized app usage during certain times of the day. Block harmful, malicious, or time-wasting apps. When you are a business owner that has to take care of hundreds of employees at any given time, an app that gives your employees the opportunity to relax at work or even reveal a company's trade secret will never work in your favor. Now, this?

Benefits For Parents

None of the above scenarios can bode well for any motivated and responsible parent. Parents not only care about their reputation but also feel obligated to protect their children and they need to receive AddSpy. AddSpy is one of the most trusted spy apps in the market today and it is the only one that can help you fight against every app. AddSpy can help parents protect teens from inappropriate content.

Benefits For Employers

AddSpy may also allow you to temporarily suspend an app when your employees need to focus on something important so that they are not distracted by games or messages they receive on their social media accounts and complete the work on time. This means it will help you increase your productivity and, ultimately, prevent employees from wasting time on apps installed on company-owned devices.

Any Restrictions?

There are no restrictions to the AddSpy Phone Monitoring application blocking feature.


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.