Location Tracker

In this article, we discussed Location tracking, if you think your kids are lying about where they are going? so you want to watch them with details of exactly where they have been and when? So in this article, we discussed the best location tracking app which allows you to instantly monitor their phone location. Location feature provides you to watch exactly where they are with an inbuilt map in your phone or dashboard. Keeping eyes on your kids with the AddSpy App is the best way to protect them to give them a happy and secure life.

This is a very handy feature that every parent needs. Depending only on the GPS connection is not always enough. Most of the users turn off their GPS and data plans. To handle this situation where GPS can not deliver Location tracking results, AddSpy introduced its location tracker without GPS. It's not difficult for parents to monitor the location of their kids even in the absence of GPS.

Family GPS Tracker to “Hold” the Position

Would you like to be always aware of where your friends and family members are without interfering with their private lives? AddSpy Live location GPS tracker is the ideal solution! All you need is to download our phone monitoring tool and start monitoring from your phone or PC. From this moment, you can track the location of your circle in real time, create favourite zones as well as find lost or stolen phones directly from the dashboard without leaving your apartment.

Real Time GPS Tracking Facilities

We boast a team of inventive and passionate developers who deal with the latest mobile technologies. This time they have come up with an updated version of our Android monitoring application to enable fast and precise real-time GPS tracking. Once you have decided who is in your private circle, you are free to monitor your employees or kids activities in real-time or you can also monitor their location history. Moreover, you will always be aware of how successful your family members are when making it safely to their destination. Our award-winning Location tracking app has some extra features to make you pleased. Facebook monitoring, WhatsApp monitoring, call recording, mic recording and many more features are one of them.

Find Stolen Devices Using GPS Tracker App

Save your time and money with the help of our AddSpy tracker app and locate the stolen or lost device without any efforts. All you need is to open your dashboard > location tab and observe the current location of the device, if it is connected with the internet. Our GPS tracker supports all major android mobile platforms. It will find any device in spite of the OS. You will quickly find the right direction and build the route to find a cell phone.

Advanced Technologies

We implemented some of the latest GPS technologies to deliver the exact and most accurate location right to your smartphone. Our mission is to bring maximum accuracy and efficiency when opting for real-time tracking facility.

View Location history on your dashboard

AddSpy location tracker app is tracking the location of the target phone or tablet on their way absolutely invisibly and undetectable.

View the entire travel routes of your children or your employees and know exactly where and when they have been. You will be able to find your lost phone if you ever lost it because the application will constantly send information on the current location on the device. Even if your phone has been stolen you will be able to locate your stolen phone and get it back. If your children are lying about where they are going or where they have been or your employees are using company cars without authorization you will be able to confront them with details and put an end to all of this cheating.

Location Tracking Benefits For Children

Now perform Parenting with Digital technology and Forget about the Concerns. Every parent can fulfill their moral responsibility without facing any problems, When children are at school, on playgrounds, and in hidden locations. Forget the concerns you have regarding the safety of your kids and teens, And Having location tracker parents can monitor their children without them knowing.

Location Tracking Benefits For Employers

Track the GPS location of your employees with the AddSpy application and there is no doubt about their productivity for employers. This is most of the time when employers allow their employees to meet customers outside the company premises on official visits. They feel that they have got a chance to enjoy the whole day with their friends and pretend to their boss that they have done the task assigned to them well. There is a possibility that leaked company secrets are reaching their competitors. Don't risk acting fast and employees use GPS location tracking and know the reality.


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.