Employee Monitoring: A Complete Guide About Employee Monitoring

Whether your workforce is a far, hybrid, or primarily an office workforce, employee monitoring software has the potential to improve productivity by giving a more extensive knowledge of not only when employees are working, but how they work. Universal employee monitoring software has historically been connected with monitoring and oversight, which can build reasonable concerns for both employees and companies.

Growing companies understand that employee monitoring is just a way to get very important achievement metrics that provide to employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement. Utilized perfectly and transparently, employee tracking can drop light on people, processes, and technology. In this article, we will see the basics of employee tracking and provide you practical advice on how to implement and utilize the collected data to build an extra transparent workplace.

What Is Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring is an activity monitoring method that, utilized by businesses for different reasons. For example, to stop and detect expensive data leaks, improve employee engagement, and optimize ineffective workflows. More recently, new employee monitoring software has shown greater potential for in-depth employee analysis and opportunities for employee mentoring. These Advanced softwares allow companies to optimize employee productivity, increase employee engagement, and reduce process efficiency.

By tracking and analyzing employee performance in the workplace, companies can increase productivity and become more successful. The employee and personnel monitoring data collected by this method can be examined to find trends, patterns, and relationships among teams, groups, and departments to achieve insight into business processes and how to improve them. This movement data adds application usage, time wasted on unproductive tasks, and the time of day when every employee is most productive.

Employee monitoring gives companies a complete picture of how they work in and out of the office, puts employee performance data into context, and provides information to both employers and employees to improve individual, team, and corporate productivity. When you have finished studying this guide. You will be capable to determine whether employee tracking is right for your team, which method to choose, and how to execute this in your office.

AddSpy- What You Need to Give You an Upper Hand

In the past, it wasn't possible to monitor if the employees are carrying out their duties or not. They could waste important working hours on social networks or on a gaming application. However, currently with the assistance of AddSpy, one can easily monitor and take control over all the mobile phone undertakings by the employees with a lot of ease. This app will tell you whether your workers are putting their mobile phone devices in the correct usage. This will definitely result in highly improved production for your business.

EMployee Tracking

Stay Happy With Your Business Improved Production

AddSpy hidden call recording application is considered as the best application for the new generation as a call tracking tool, and now people can get all the information about their beloved one’s activities on devices more efficiently without letting them know. They can stalk to gather all the data of calls from the device. The users do those phone calls by installing the application in their equipment. Any individual is willing to know about all the things which are done by their friends or the Partner, they can use the format of hidden application. The tool will let you know how many calls are done by the monitored devices, and what kind of conversation they had with the person. The tracking tool is highly recommended by users who want to control someone’s device properly. The AddSpy application is the next generation of technology, which will help parents to keep their eyes on their children and people on their partners and so on.

EMployee Tracking

Secure Your Company From Information Leakage

Has it ever come to your mind that those drivers working for you may just use the vehicles you have placed under them to carry out their own business? Is your company’s vehicle being taken advantages of by your workers? AddSpy installation will inform you the exact locality of your employee’s mobile phone device through the easy to use control panel. On top of this, this app will give you all the cell phone movement past. With this you will get to know if the vehicle has kept its route or not.

Monitor Your Employees Mobile Devices From A Safe Distance

Should your employees have your business vital information on their mobile devices? What would happen should they lose their cell phone with the company data on them? The good news is that you have the ability to monitor and take control of all your business cell phones across the globe by making use of AddSpy application. It enables you to take over any mobile phone you have targeted. This basically means that you can erase off any information on such a cell phone or even switch it off!

Types of Employee Tracking

Well-known Methods of Employee Monitoring

Developments in technology have opened up huge chances for tracking employee activities. Just 10 years ago, most of the employees in the office had to be monitored nearby. My times have changed. Amidst this transformation in the way they work, organizations now want to rethink how and why employees tracking is implemented and utilized. We will take a quick glance at some historical types of employee monitoring, and then move on to a more recent approach.

Internet and Email

These are the two main principles of employees' work and, therefore, their monitoring. We know that the Internet is essential to productivity if used correctly and efficiently. The idea is to find out how the internet is used and see if there is a way to improve the team's usage. While the use of email has declined over the use of other means of communication, understanding the use of communication and email can still help improve the productivity and efficiency of employees.

Computer Activities

Similar to Internet monitoring, some of these programs allow employers to track their desktop application usage. The data collected can be presented as incredibly detailed reports showing how long people were productive when the computer was idle, and which applications are used most often.


Keylogging, or keystroke logging, is the process that records the keys that the user types in sequence on the keyboard. These programs can also take screenshots on startup for predefined keywords. However, there are several major disadvantages to registering keystrokes. Some consider it a violation of workplace privacy. This is also known to be used with malicious intent.

AddSpy employee monitoring software does not have keyloggers as this professes employee privacy matters. The new way of employee monitoring places great importance on open discussion and a transparent employee productivity strategy, so keylogging has no real price.


Do you know the message you hear when you call support for this router that's creating difficulties? This call may be recorded for excellence and informative ideas. Congratulations, by competing in this call, you were an active member in monitoring employees' phone communications. This is the company's approach of controlling its quality assurance and ensuring that its employees give you excellent customer service.

GPS Tracking

The company's vehicle usage is monitored through GPS tracking. Delivery services, courier services, and postal companies can use vehicle tracking to help drivers travel the most efficient routes. It can also be used to confirm delivery status, recover missing property, and provide general security.

Benefits Of Employee Monitoring

We now know that when properly executed, an employee monitoring system:-

1. Allows employers to analyze business methods
2. Builds a higher engaged team
3. Saves money on employee recall
4. Gives data transparency
5. Secure against data loss

Effective Management

Analyzing and the collected data will help you build a more powerful team by uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. Seeing where people are trying and where they shine can help you assign tasks more productively. Matching the strengths and skills of your team members with the right job is especially important and permits the team to do their best work.

This is equally important to identify the weaknesses of the team members. Behavior-based employee tracking systems help identify where team members require extra training or coaching. You can find that it takes someone an unusually long time to develop a project. Register with them. See if they understand how to utilize their tools and if not, schedule a workout. Investing in the career development of your employees is one way to increase team engagement and happiness.

Useful Employee Insights

At some point in your career, you have probably noticed a decrease in the engagement or disappointment of your team members. Maybe you were a member of a team that felt this way. For many companies, this is a sign that they need to dig deeper and understand the essence of the problem. Microsoft did this in 2018 after seeing widespread discontent at a division that had 700 employees. Collected employee data on workplace behavior and habits changed the team's approach to meetings, emails, and employee transfers. Staywell's VP of Product Management Mitch Collier explained This collection of data allows leaders to better understand areas.

How to improve processes, including adding hardware, new software updates, or even adding new employees. For. In our experience, it was a positive effort to find ways to protect the health of employees and help employees be more productive and efficient in their jobs. In addition to these benefits, it is important to note that employees Monitoring doesn't just identify the least performing employees. It also highlights the most effective performers, making it easy to assess what works and reward them.

It's based on each employee's performance. This also makes it more comfortable to agree on achievable ends, which increases their engagement and loyalty. AddSpy, for example, sends out automatic achievement medals when team members reach milestones in time or performance. Is important and virtual fives are sent to prove how valuable they are.

Financial Rising

American companies lose $ 650 billion annually to unproductive employees. You can reduce this waste by implementing frame analysis and performance tracking software. Successful information companies use the analytics that tracking software provides them to improve productivity, revenue, sales, employee retention, happiness, and efficiency. Let's take a look at the restaurant industry as an example.

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that when restaurants started to have managing employees, revenue improved by 7%. Why? Research scientist Andrew McAfee says: As far as we can tell, productivity has increased only because people are more suitable at doing their jobs. In addition, the types of data collected by employee monitoring software permit you to make extra informed business decisions.

You can feel that many people are appointed to a task. Why not utilize the company's time and sources by assigning a new project to some of them? Or find out which software which you pay for is underused. Get rid of what is not suitable for you and stop wasting money.

Security and Safety

Data breaches and cyber security should always be a concern for businesses. Because hackers are very smart. They create new ideas for accessing data all day. Huge organizations are especially exposed to breaches. This is due to the size of the organization and the increased potential for human error leading to hacking, such as the accidental opening of a phishing email.

The names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses, and driver's license numbers of almost half of Americans were stolen from the consumer credit agency Equifax. Sometimes the danger is internal. 87 percent took company data and documents with them after leaving the company.

Employee monitoring in all its multiple forms grants managers a clear understanding of what people are doing and when. And in the event of any irregularities or legal issues, data logs act as your company's black box. This becomes a little easier to find out who, what, when, and where the incident happened.

Regulation And Control

The more you understand each employee's strengths and weaknesses, the better you can delegate authority. Successful delegation fosters collaboration, helps employees develop their skills, makes the business more productive, builds trust within the team, and allows everyone to focus on the bigger picture. It also makes employees feel valued. In turn, this increases the level of happiness and retention. None of this will happen if you assign tasks to the wrong people.

Once you know the strengths of your employees, you can distribute tasks according to their talents. Sometimes this means that the task is entrusted to the person who is least capable of dealing with it so that he can improve and develop in this area. In other cases, it means giving the project to someone who can do it in their sleep. You can't make a decision without the accurate data that employee monitoring tools provide. But delegation does not mean giving up all control. Most proofs of work programs allow you to customize them to suit your needs.

You can access the most relevant data without being distracted. For employees, this means fewer interruptions and investigations are needed. Meetings and regular status updates can distract you from your most important work, which can be harmful if you don't meet your deadline.

Smooth Administration

Corey Chocchetti, assistant professor of business ethics and legal studies at the University of Denver, said: Controlling employee time using software rather than paper documents is more effective because it reduces work time inflation and human error. With the best employee monitoring software, you can automate most of your official tasks like payroll, invoicing, and extra.

For example, AddSpy tracks employees' hours and integrates with payroll to automate timesheets, billing, and payments. You only need to set a customer account rate for one team member and a separate payroll rate once. Then, each time you need to invoice a customer or pay your team, the amounts are calculated based on hours worked and ready for payment.

Drawbacks of Employee Tracking and How to Notice Them

Awesome. There are so many amazing benefits. What's preventing you from starting now? Well, you might be facing a perception problem. You see, your goal in analyzing the performance of your employees should be to build a corporate culture in which everyone can do their best and work together as a team so that they are not spied on. But at first, your team may not see it that way, which leads to many pitfalls.


Activity tracking is about privacy concerns. People utilize work computers for their own purposes and want to keep their activities secret. Also, people don't like the idea that someone is watching their every move. it's scary. Encourage your employees that their privacy is important. You do not see them. You are analyzing data. You are not interested in personal data such as passwords, driver's licenses, passports, and social security numbers.


One of the problems people face while tracking is the trust factor. If they find out that what you are doing is spying, they can feel anger and disappointment and stop competing. This is the exact opposite of your goals. You can get the support of employees by confirming that you are following through for the right reasons. Do not track for tracking purposes only and do not interfere without a good reason. This is the best system to be transparent, so emergence to your team that the tracking system is only utilized as analytical software.

Increased Stress Level

Knowing that their activity is being monitored, a person can naturally do more, take breaks, and worry about their productivity. All of this can put pressure on your team, leading to a drop in both confidence and turnover, which is the exact opposite of what you are attempting to complete. If you take steps to explain what types of data you collect and why you can help address those concerns. Carry out your plan to utilize the software for analysis purposes only. Don't misuse your software like the manager explained in the Psychology Today article. This boss regularly sent a message to the unproductive data processor. The note read: You work less hard than the person next to you.

legal Issues

There is a lot of vagueness about the legality of employee tracking. And one reason is that there are so many different laws about what is permitted and what is not. We will talk more extra about this in the part below, but for now, know that the legality of employee tracking depends completely on where you are. Though, this does not mean that such data collection is out of the question. There are methods to examine daily activities according to local laws.


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