Who We Are And What We Do

AddSpy was founded in the year 2018 and It is an Indian company dedicated to develop the best android mobile tracking platforms. Our AddSpy come outfitted with the bestest android tracking software available today. Our users – including parents and employers – can monitor all phone activity over our simplified online platform.

Prior to using your AddSpy, make sure you have complete authorization to view all information transmitted over the phone

AddSpy is an Android Phone monitoring Application for kids and employees. It helps you in tracking your kids or your employees on your fingertips.

AddSpy is the best spying tool for android mobiles remotely and effectively. Our Application works in stealth mode and totally undetectable with any of the Antiviruses till now. AddSpy app has so many inbuilt features like cellphone tracking, WhatsApp tracking, Facebook Messenger tracking and monitoring, Instagram Chats tracking, Live location tracking, SMS monitoring, Call monitoring, Screenshots Capturing, Hidden camera recording, Hidden mic recording, Skype Chats monitoring and much more.

It’s an effective and powerful app for parents to make their children safe from digitally and real life dangers. AddSpy gives you the real-time data on your dashboard which you can easily access by your PC or Mobile. Our App is Also useful for the employers who are seeking for the good productivity from their employees and prevent them from wasting their time in some other non-official activities. The employers can track the employee’s activities by installing our application in the android devices owned by company.

You can also get all the deleted social media chats messages like deleted WhatsApp Chats, Deleted Instagram Chats, Facebook Chats back on your dashboard after installing our application in the device which you wish to monitor.

Most of our spy feature works without rooting the target device as rooting the device may cause the removal of warranty period from the device’s manufacturer. Our application works in both (online/offline) mode but a stable internet connection is necessary in order to upload the offline data to our servers.

Why you'd love our spy app

How Addspy Works

  1. In order to monitor your kids or employees via our phone monitoring spy tool, you need to purchase our application first from https://www.addspy.com/prices.
  2. After making the successful payment for AddSpy phone monitoring app, you will recieve an auto generated email from our end with your user id, password, Application downloading link and installation guide.
    Please download our app from that link.
  3. We request you to kindly follow and perform all the steps properly (mentioned in the installation guide) in the device in which you are going to install our application. If you are facing any issue in the installation, you can contact to our support team via chat or call.
  4. Once you have completed the installation process, login on your dashboard via your mobile or PC and start monitoring social media, call recordings, sms, live locations and much more activities of your employees and kids on your dashboard.

Why Choose Us

AddSpy has been in the forefront of developing high-quality mobile monitoring solutions used by parents and employers. We strive to offer functional, easy-to-use software products with cutting edge features and functionality.

AddSpy application has been professionally reviewed by many of the most prestigious technology news outlets in the world.

We are the leading Mobile Phone Monitoring service provider in India with more than 3000+ satisfied customers and 99% satisfaction result. We are committed to provide you 24*7 support whenever it is required and necessary.
AddSpy gives you the full control of your kid's or employee's device on your own mobile or PC.

The AddSpy Mobile Monitoring Tool has been developed after 3 years of hard work and research. We have covered almost all the issues which the customer faces after purchasing a phone monitoring or a spy app.

We never stop working as we take our customer’s feedback about our app very seriously and try to fix their complaints and issues in the minimum period of time.

Why you'd love our spy app

Our App is best fitted for the parents and employers’ requirements as well as for loved ones too. AddSpy provides you a platform to monitor all the activities of your kids and employees online and makes you more relaxed in terms of child security.

You can also get all the deleted social media chats messages like deleted WhatsApp Chats, Deleted Instagram Chats, Facebook Chats back on your dashboard after installing our application in the device which you wish to monitor.


Please do not purchase and install our app in any device without that device user's proper consent or else you will be responsible for all negative consequences and liability arising from such use action.